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Batman is a hot word, the designer use batman as the theme to design the shoes and the result is good. Since the Batman shoes sell quite well in the market, especial for the boys. It is a smart design since the shoes are cool and fashionable.
 Do you know the batman? Batman now is a famous Cartoon, at begin the batman first appear at the Amazing Fantasy Magazine, since it is liked by the readers there is the cartoon use the batman as the theme.  The story is Peter Parker was attacked by a spider; it is a special spider, after that Peter Parker gets the magic power this power change all his all life.  Once he knows Uncle Ben get hurt, he decide to become a batman to rescue the world, in our mind, the batman is a hero which protect us do the kind thing so that the young youth like it.
 The shoes here use the batman as the topic, on the vamp there are the batman decoration, it attracted many batman fans, they like it since the cool design but also the good quality. Here you can found the Batman Nike Shoes and Batman Converse shoes, all are very cool.